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Review article

20 years of Croatian participation in ALADIN and RC LACE projects

Alica Bajić ; Državni hidrometeorološki zavod, Zagreb. Hrvatska
Dijana Klarić ; Državni hidrometeorološki zavod, Zagreb. Hrvatska

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The paper gives a brief overview of the history of Croatian participation in the ALADIN and RC LACE projects. Croatian contribution to the development of the ALADIN model is carried out in the framework of RC LACE cooperation. Therefore, the special emphasis is given to the research and development activities in RC LACE group. Detailed information are given on the scientific contribution of Croatian scientists to specific topics and Croatian role in ALADIN and RC LACE management and meetings, seminar and workshops organizations. From the beginning of ALADIN and RC LACE cooperation 19 Croatian scientists realized 68 visits to consortium countries. In the period from 2000 (start of the pre-operational run in Croatia) to 2014, 22 Croatian meteorologists worked a total of 593 months on model development as well as development and maintenance of the local operational ALADIN weather prediction system. The result is, among others, a substantial number of scientific papers and contributions to numerous national and international scientific projects.


ALADIN; RC LACE; numerical weather prediction

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