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Original scientific paper

The effect of relative deformation on the energy-force parameters in the asymmetrical plate rolling process

A. Kawałek ; Czestochowa University of Technology, Czestochowa, Poland

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The paper presents the results of asymmetrical plate rolling in the finishing rolling stand of a 3600 mill. The investigation was carried out for S690Ql steel sheets. Tests were conducted for two types of the asymmetric rolling process. In the first case, the asymmetry of the process was introduced by varying the speed of the upper working roll, while in the second case, two types of asymmetry were introduced simultaneously by reducing the rotational speed of the upper roll and reducing the diameter of the lower roll. Based on the obtained results it has been found that the simultaneous introduction of two types of asymmetry significantly reduces the energy-force parameters of the process, and regardless of relative deformation applied, it yields also a straight rolled plate.


deformation; asymmetrical rolling; S690Ql steel of plate; energy - force parameters; kinetic asymmetry

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