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Original scientific paper

Lički Osik - Urban and Architectural Heritage as Tourism Development Potential

Jasenka Kranjčević orcid id ; Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia
Izidora Marković orcid id ; Institute for Tourism, Zagreb, Croatia
Nikša Božić orcid id ; Croatian Section ECOVAST, Zagreb, Croatia

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One of the main issues facing towns in post-industrial societies is how to stimulate the new
socio-economic and cultural development after the collapse of industry This is an issue of
particular importance in areas which, after the industrial collapse, struggle with numerous
economic and social challenges. In Croatia, Lički Osik is such an example of a planned industrial
city built immediately after World War II.
In the paper the local identity of Lički Osik is determined through elements of urban and
architectural heritage. Given the fact that spatial identity depends on personal perception, a
survey was conducted among residents and non-residents in order to investigate the perceptions
of spatial identity and determine the development potential of cultural heritage, in particular
urban and architectural heritage of Lički Osik, for the development of cultural tourism.


Lički Osik, urban and architectural heritage, tourist attractions, perception of identity, heritage in function of tourism

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