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Review article

The crisis and the new humanistic synthesis of the Catholic Church

Jorge Bothelo Moniz orcid id ; NOVA University of Lisbon

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Our research plan will focus on three key elements: one con- cept- the crisis; one research thread- the social doctrine of the Cat- holic Church on the crisis; one case study- the Portuguese Catholic Church and practical application of theology in the face of crisis. First, we will try to comprehend our dependent variable by inserting it in a specific context (contemporary post-industrial societies) and in a specific period of time (since the late XIX century until today). Secondly, we will make it interact with some independent variables such as the financial, economic, political, cultural and anthropologi- cal framework of modern societies. Thirdly, throughout a diachronic and synchronic analysis of the Church’s multiple and unexplored primary sources we will be able to observe the evolution of the phe- nomenon, understand its modern consequences, and interpret the Church’s proposition to overcome the crisis. Finally, in order to give greater substance to our research, we will focus on Portugal to see how, in a context of profound socio-economic crisis, the Chur- ch has been acting with a view to promoting and practicing a new humanistic synthesis that places man as the aim and centre of all socio-economic life.


crisis; Catholic Church; new humanistic synthesis; charity; Portugal

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