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Leptosphaeria maculans and Leptosphaeria biglobosa - causal agents of phoma stem cancer and dry root rot of oilseed rape

Petar Mitrović ; Institut za ratarstvo i povrtarstvo, Novi Sad, Srbija
Vojislav Trkulja ; Poljoprivredni institut RS, Banja Luka, Bosna i Hercegovina

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Based on new researches results, it was found that phoma stem cancer and dry root rot of oilseed rape are caused by two kinds of phytopathogenic fungi from Leptosphaeria genus and they are: Leptosphaeria maculans (Desm.) Ces. et de Not (anamorph: Phoma lingam (Tode ex Fr.) Desm.) and Leptosphaeria biglobosa Shoem et Brun. Namely, repeatable differences in pseudothecium morphology and an impossibility of crossing group A with group B in “in vitro” conditions have shown that there is a justified need to designate the two groups as different species, called Leptosphaeria maculans for group A and Leptosphaeria biglobosa for NA 1 B group. Also, nine races of L. maculans have been discovered and described recently, which were designated as AvrLm 1 to AvrLm 9. The paper describes a detailed review of economical importance of the listed species and symptoms that they cause, morphological characteristics and differences between them, as well as the cycle of their development with special emphasis on measures for their control.


oilseed rape; phoma stem cancer and dry root rot; Leptosphaeria maculans; L. biglobosa

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