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Croatian Linguistics Now and in the Future

Ivo Pranjković ; Faculty of humanities and social sciences at the University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The paper focuses on the present state of affairs and prospects of Croatian Linguistics at the Department of Croatian Language at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. We determine that, at present, various aspects of scientific-research and teaching activities, both theoretical and methodological, both historical and applied (i.e. practical), are carried out by the members of the Department. This statement equally applies to the domains of phonology, morphophonology, grammar, history of language, paleoslavistics, dialectology, standardology and orthography. With respect to the prospects, I believe that it would be wise to intensify the work in the area of (internal) history of the Croatian language, particularly in the domains of syntax, suprasyntax (or text linguistics) and orthoepy, and to pay more attention during seminars and language practice classes to translating and editing, that is, language editing, of texts.


Department of Croatian Language, Croatian linguistics, present state of affairs and prospects, grammar (phonology, morphology, syntax), lexicology, history of language, paleoslavistics, dialectology, standardology, orthography, orthoepy

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