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Original scientific paper

University Professor, Croatian Zoologist and Hidrobiologist Ivo Matoničkin and His Work

Dražen Podravec ; Virje, Croatia

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Professor Ivo Matoničkin, PhD, Croatian zooloist (Virje, 5 June 1915 – Zagreb, 2 March 2008) completed teacher’s school in 1935 and graduated from the Teacher’s Academy in Zagreb in 1943. He continued his studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and then at the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb, where he graduated (1949) and received his doctorate (1955). At the same faculty, he was appointed an associate (1960) and full professor (1964 – 1984). He was among the first to study the ecology, communities and fauna of invertebrates in karst rivers. He and his colleagues developed a new method to calculate the relationship of production and respiration. With Zlatko Pavletić and Milan Meštrov, he founded the Croatian Ecologist’s Society (1969). His efforts resulted in the establishment of the hydrobiology postgraduate study programme at the University of Zagreb. He published over 160 scientific and professional papers and many popular science articles. He wrote the first university textbooks in zoology in Croatia, and published several books on ecology. He was editor of the volume Spomenice sto godina znanstvenog i nastavnog rada iz zoologije na Sveučilištu u Zagrebu [Commemoration of one hundred years of scientific work and teaching in zoology at the University of Zagreb] (1974).


Ivo Matoničkin; Virje; Zagreb; scientific work and teaching; professional papers; research; biology

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