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Review article

Cognitive and metacognitive processes in depressive disorder

Katija Kalebić Jakupčević orcid id ; University Hospital Center Split, Department of Psychiatry, Split
Ivanka Živčić-Bećirević orcid id ; niversity of Rijeka, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology, Rijeka, Croatia

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Depression is very common disease in the modern world, with the highest relapse rate and with treatment
that is very long and difficult. This paper attempts to present the cognitive and metacognitive processes for
which current studies have showed great significance for the development, maintenance and treatment of
depressive disorder. We present theoretical models demonstrating connection between cognitive constructs
and depression level with a special contribution of rumination, metacognitive beliefs, mindfulness and
thought suppression. We describe the role of those constructs and processes through their independent
and joint contribution to depression level as well as their specific interrelationships.


depression, rumination, mindfulness, thought suppression

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