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Original scientific paper

Psychosocial adjustments to breast cancer

Rosanda Pahljina-Reinić

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This article provides a review of empirical literature on psychosocial adjustment to breast cancer. Concerning adaptational outcomes, the majority of studies reflect a unidimensional, emotion-oriented approach. So the empirical findings of studies that are shown here, as adaptational
outcomes, examined the measures of emotional functioning in this patient population. The most relevant determinants of psychosocial adjustment to breast cancer are reviewed and the roles of
coping with stress, perceived control and perceived social support in the process of adapting to this illness are explored in more detail. A short review of the findings of the empirical literature on the role of psychosocial factors in the etiology and clinical course of breast cancer is also presented.


breast cancer, psychosocial adjustment, coping, perceived control, perceived social support

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