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Classification and Disqualification


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In response to the critical comments of Velimir Šonje and Nevenka
^u~kovi} regarding the article "To Be Worth and to Cost:
Social-Cultural Prerequisites of Transition in the Recent Works of
Croatian Economists (Društvena istra`ivanja, volume 13, no 1-2,
pages 147-168), the author of this article presents four viewpoints.
First, he rejects the trivialisation of the influences of ideology
on theoretical orientations in economics and argues in favour
of critical understanding of the relationship between (academic)
theories and (economic and political) ideologies. Second, he accepts
the remark with regard to the insufficient sample of analysed
works of Croatian economists, but admits that he does not
know what "critical number" of works is needed to establish
through analysis the theoretical orientation of a certain author.
Third, unlike the critics, he believes that economic liberalism is
bound to produce good results somewhere, as well as bad results
elsewhere, just as it is the case with economic stateism. And
fourth, the author warns that (the call for) dialogue makes sense
if the participants' initial positions are not stipulated in advance.


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