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Review article

Catholic monthly Christian family (from 1941 to 1945), a comparative analysis

Petar Macut orcid id ; Institut društvenih znanosti Ivo Pilar,Područni centar Vukovar, Vukovar, Hrvatska

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Croatian Catholic periodicals have not been consistently used in the research of historical relations between the Catholic Church and the NDH (the Independent State of Croatia). Due to its extraordinary quality, it is expected that the content of such press would be a very valuable resource. Christian family from Mostar is among few Catholic periodicals that have been analyzed in terms of their content and bibliography. Therefore, it is possible to put the research results into context comparing them with other Catholic periodicals of that time. Having included the archival materials, the results of the study suggest a wide range of political and ideological issues that were covered by this monthly magazine, which complies with the contents of other Catholic newspapers from the NDH period. Contextual similarities and differences offer the possibility of qualitative and quantitative insight into numerous Catholic periodicals. In this paper we will deal, in more detail, with the relationship of Christian family to the NDH in general, with the personality cult of Ante Pavelic, anti-Semitism as well as the communist partisan movement.


catholic press; Independent State of Croatia; Christian family; personality cult; anti-Semitism; communist partisan movement

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