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Review article

New multilingualism and learning foreign languages as part of language policy

Damir Velički

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The paper discusses the concept of multilingualism and learning foreign languages as part of language policy. It highlights the importance of choosing a certain language, the accessibility of learning a certain language at school, as well as the way of language selection and range of the languages on offer. In Europe multilingualism has become standard. However, stimulating multilingualism in countries with a small population size does not mean repressing one’s mother tongue. On the contrary, giving primacy to native speakers of languages spoken in countries with a large population size has been steadily decreasing.
The conclusion of the paper is that the language policy of the Republic of Croatia should be systematised, and that the implementation of both the choice and order of learning certain foreign languages should be conducted in an argued and planned fashion.


multilingualism; foreign languages; glocalisation; language policy

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