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Original scientific paper

The effect of the properties of the metal matrix on the retention of a diamond particle

J. Borowiecka-Jamrozek ; Kielce University of Technology, Poland
J. Lachowski ; Kielce University of Technology, Poland

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This paper deals with the modelling of the mechanical properties of materials used as the matrix in diamond tools. Saw blade segments were fabricated by combining various metal powders with diamond crystals and then hot pressing them. After consolidation, the specimens were tested to analyse their density, hardness and tensile strength. The stress/strain fields around a diamond particle embedded in the metal matrix were determined by computer simulation. The effective use of diamond tools is strongly dependent on the mechanical properties of the matrix, which has to hold the diamond grits firmly. The retention capacity results from the interactions between the diamond crystals and the matrix during the segment fabrication process. The stress and strain fields generated in the matrix were calculated using the Abaqus software.


diamond impregnated tools, Co, Fe and W powders, diamond retention, mechanical properties, computer modelling

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