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Original scientific paper

Synthesis and Antifungal Properties of Some Transition Metal Complexes Involving Potentially Active Heterocyclic Ligands

R. C. Sharma ; Department of Chemistry, Agra University, Agra-282 004 (INDIA)
Rajesh Nagar ; Department of Chemistry, Agra University, Agra-282 004 (INDIA)

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1 : 1 : 1, M(II)-Npa-TCAjHQ mixed-Iigand complexes [M(II)=
= Co(II), Ni(II)), Cu(II) and Zn(II); Npa = N-pyridylanthranilic
acid; TCA = thiophene-2-carboxylic acid and HQ = 8-hydroxyquinoline]
have been prepared and characterized on the basis of elemental analysis, IR and electronic spectral data, conductivity and magnetic measurements. An octahedral environment around the metal ion has been proposed. ALl the complexes are non-electrolytic in nature. The antifungal activity of the free Iigands and their corresponding metal chelates have been determined on some selected fungi.


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