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Original scientific paper

Croatian and Slovak Phrasemes with a Component from the Semantic Field of Music

Maja Opašić ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci

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This paper analyses phrasemes from the Croatian and the Slovak language that contain one or more lexemes from the semantic field of music. These lexemes include: lexemes denoting a manner of creating tones, lexemes denoting names of musical forms, other musical terms and names of individual instruments and their parts. The aim of this paper is to compare Croatian and Slovak phrasemes that contain a component from the semantic field of music by applying a semantic and contrastive analysis in order to show their correspondences, as well as differences between them and establish their motivation. It should be noted that not only components of analyzed phrasemes are brought into connection with music, but also the complete picture in the deep structure of the majority of phrasemes mentioned in this paper. The analysis confirmed correspondence between Croatian and Slovak phrasemes, as it was expected, in instances of europeisms, but also in other phrasemes that occur in both languages on the basis of their common cultural experience. The analysis showed that two groups of phrasemes can be distinguished: the ones in which both the component and the meaning refer to the concept of music, and the ones in which only the component refers to the concept. The prevalence of folk instruments was confirmed in phrasemes of both languages, motivated by the appearance or the function of an instrument.


music, semantic field, musical instrument, phraseme, Croatian language, Slovak language

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