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R. D. Archiepiscopus [Marcus Antonius de Dominis] Contra logicam R. D. Episcopi C[h]anadiensis [Fausti Verantii] ab amico amice observata [cum responsionibus auctoris Fausti Verantii] (1616)

Ivica Martinović ; Dubrovnik, Hrvatska

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The writing “Contra logicam R. D. Episcopi C[h]anadiensis [Fausti Verantii] ab amico amice observata” is the key link between Faust Vrančić’s two works of ‘logic minor’: his first philosophical work Logica (1608) and Logica nova (1616), his last work. He offers a dialogue between Marko Antun de Dominis and Faust Vrančić on the text of Logica (1608), and at the same time paves the path towards the text of Logica nova (1616), with which it was published.
To our current knowledge, only three copies of Vrančić’s Logica nova are extant: one copy is housed at the Research Library in Dubrovnik, which, according to the manuscript ex libris, until 1773 was among the holdings of the library of the Jesuit Collegium Ragusinum in Dubrovnik, under the shelfmark CR 20.836; the second copy is kept at the Biblioteca Universitaria Alessandrina in Rome, under the shelfmark Miscellanea XIII b 4 3; the third is filed at the Bibliothèque nationale de France in Paris, under the shelfmark 31556770. In transcribing the ‘dialogue’ between de Dominis and Faust Vrančić, I used the copies from the libraries of Dubrovnik and Rome. The existence of the Dubrovnik copy was already recorded in Šime Jurić’s bibliography of Croatian Neo-Latin heritage, Croatiae scriptores Latini recentioris aetatis (1971), and until now has been researched only by Srećko Kovač in the 1980s. Although Vrančić’s Logica nova (1616) is not as rare as his Logica (1608), of which only a single copy is extant, it falls among the rarissima. Vrančić’s Logica nova was also published without imprimatur. By doing so, Vrančić by-passed the Censorship Office of Venice and the possible enquiry about the identity of the “Most Reverend Archbishop” (Reverendissimus Dominus Archiepiscopus), the author of the objections to his Logica (1608).
The transcription of the writing “Contra logicam R. D. Episcopi C[h]anadiensis [Fausti Verantii] ab amico amice observata” was carried out according to the “Principles of the Edition,” published with my transcription of Vrančić’s Logica (1608).
The notes to this transcription include: (1) documentation of the references to the text of Vrančić’s Logica (1608), found either in de Dominis’ objections or in Vrančić’s responses; (2) documentation of the effects of de Dominis’ objections to the text of Vrančić’s Logica nova (1616).


Faust Vrančić / Faustus Verantius, Marko Antun de Dominis / Marcus Antonius de Dominis, Francisco Suárez, Plato, Aristotle, logic, definition, division, argumentation, fourth figure of syllogism, natural philosophy, astronomy

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