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Why does our people go to ruin? Luka Lukić’s considerations on the reasons underlying the breakup of rural family cooperatives and the ‘white plague’ in the region of Brodsko Posavlje

Karolina Lukač orcid id ; Brod Posavlje Museum

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Part of the manuscripts in the estate of teacher and ethnographer Luka Lukić, who recorded for years the events, customs, folk music and the dialect of Brodsko Posavlje¸ stimulated by Antun Radić’s Foundations for the Acquisition and Study of Material on Folk Life, is kept in the Brod Posavlje Museum. In one of the preserved notebooks, described in this paper, Luka Lukić presents his view of the decline of the countryside and of the rural population, i.e. of the negative processes which influenced the world view and demographic changes in the early 20th century when depopulation was an integral part of many discussions.


Lukić, Luka; depopulation; Slavonija

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