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Review article

SFRY Military-Industrial Complex

Simeon Kovačev
Zdenko Matijaščić
Josip Petrović

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The paper, a part of the Succession Project, represents the first account of the expert evaluation of military industrial complex in former socialist Yugoslavia, addressing its elements, size, value and balance-sheet between former republics. Military industrial complex of former Yugoslavia consisted of members of Association of Military Arms and Equipment Industry of Yugoslavia (known by acronym ZINVOJ), followed by other manufacturers of weapons and equipment and by various repairing facilities. Applying complex methodology, and using historical accounts, available statistical data, oral history and other analytical and synthetical tools, the paper identifies all resources, gives its material value and establishes balance sheets in this field. Given the complexity of the matter, limited availability of archival documentation and relatively high total value of the resources, the establishment of a reliable basis upon which Croatia can claim compensation for its half a century long contribution to military industrial complex of former state. The results clearly show that Serbia had the advantage in this field and used it as military, political and psychological means during the bloody dissolution of second Yugoslavia. In that sense, the role of YPA imposing itself above the civilian institutions of the federal state as a guardian of centralist unitary Yugoslavia as well as the bastion of communist ideology was more than important.


military assets succession, resources and capacities inventory, value estimation, shared balance-sheet, military-industrial complex

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