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Review article

Risk assessment (at work), nomotechnics and legal character

Marinko Đ. Učur orcid id ; Rijeka, Hrvatska

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Risk assessment (at work) is a special document drafted by employers as the method of implementation of the Safety at Work Act and the Regulations on Risk Assessment Drafting.
The document contains numerous material, legal and nomotechnical features, such as: name of regulation, certificate of competence entitling the employer to draft the document, content, procedure, implementation and control (from passing, to publication and revision). It is the source document guaranteeing the right to safety at work. Furthermore, it is limited in time and space.
There are disputes as to its legal nature. In this paper the author argues that risk assessment (at work) is an autonomous general document (sui generis). The author supplies proof of this using nomotechnics.


risk assessment, occupational safety, employer, nomotechnics

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