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Review article

An Analysis of Walter Bauer’s Theory on the Development of Early Christianity in Asia Minor

Ivan Bodrožić orcid id ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Marko Marina

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The authors of the article discuss Walter Bauer’s theory on the beginnings of Christianity
in Asia Minor. Through an analysis of primary sources and modern literature,
they determine the fallacies of Bauer’s argumentation. Thus, Bauer’s theory on gnosticism
as a route taken by Christianity, prevalent during the first two centuries in the
Asia Minor region, is carefully scrutinized. Errors occured, the authors conclude, due
to an incorrect approach to the interpretation of sources, and hence a faulty reconstruction
of the development of early Christianity in the region in question.


Walter Bauer, early Christianity, gnosticism, Orthodoxy, Asia Minor

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