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Original scientific paper

Dynamic Effects of Food Consistency on Chewing Motions

S. Filipić
J. Keros
O. Muftić
D. Milčić
G. Prpić-Mehičić
To. Kuna

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page 43-47

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The purpose of the study was to find evidence of how different types of food consistency
affect chewing motions, especially the forward, downward and sidewise extents of
motion of the lower jaw. Nineteen individuals with intact tooth sequence, aged from 20
to 37 years, were asked to chew three types of food of different consistency (banana,
bread, carrot). The motions of the lower jaw were recorded by ELITE system, i.e. the
measurement instrument that by stereo-photo-grametric procedures calculates space
co-ordinates of markers on faces of the study subjects. The system enables continuous recording
of lower jaw motions in three dimensions, without any possibility of the study
subjects’ influencing the operation of the instrument, which significantly decreases the
possibility of error. Study results have shown that in all 19 subjects a greater food consistency
increases the extent of chewing motion. In each individual study subject different
average values were found for equal shifts of lower jaw when chewing the same type
of food. Although varying from subject to subject, the chewing cycle depends to a great
extent on food consistency. By increasing the consistency of a bite, the extent of lower jaw
motion has increased in every single study subject.


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