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Original scientific paper

Distribution of Craniofacial Variables in South Dalmatian and Middle Croatian Populations

V. Njemirovskij
Z. Radović
D. Komar
B. Lazić
Ti. Kuna

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The objective of the present work was to determine some relevant craniofacial parameters,
particularly in relation to sex, for the study of the distribution of basic head
and face types, and to investigate craniofacial and morphological differences between
two population samples. The study sample comprised 100 subjects of both sex aged 18 to
30 from South Dalmatia and 200 subjects from Middle Croatia. Eight basic craniofacial
variables were measured to obtain head, forehead and face indexes. The data indicate
that average values of all variables can be used as standard craniofacial parameters
for the examined population groups. All the craniofacial variables are considerably
higher in men than in women (p < 0.05). In the South Dalmatian population mesocephalia
(48.0%) and leptoprosopia (82.0%) prevail, while in the Middle Croatian population
the brachycephalia (62.0%), and euriprosopia (73.5%) are present to a greater degree.
The most significant craniofacial and morphological differences between the
examined study samples are head width (Eu–Eu), face width (Zy–Zy), and forehead
height (Tr–N). They were found to be statistically significant in the examined Middle
Croatian population (p < 0.05). The presented measurements are highly relevant to orthodontic
diagnostics and therapy.


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