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Original scientific paper

Interferometry in the Assessment of Biomechanical Features of the Masticatory System Hard Segments

Z. Rajić
V. Nikolić
S. Rajić-Meštrović
D. Vukičević

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Biomechanical studies have found wide application and solved many problems in
dental medicine. An interdisciplinary approach has allowed an ever-faster progress in
the field. The aim of this study was to point out the advantages of holographic interferometry.
With the use of this method, the study object is observed as a whole rather than
as a substrate, thus providing a three-dimensional holographic image visualizing the
load transmission from one jaw to another, tooth pressure against the alveolus, and
strain of Sharpey's fibers, and yielding precise data on deformities, dislocations and
force distribution.


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