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Original scientific paper

New fragments of the votive plaques depicting the Danube horsemen from the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

Ozren Domiter

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Three fragments of lead votive plaques, known
in the literature as plaques of the Danube horsemen,
are published for the first time in this paper,
emphasizing the problem of terminology used for
the cult to which they are attributed. They were
acquired for the Museum from Petrovci near
Ruma (Bassianae), Sisak (Siscia), and Surduk
(Rittium). Based on the visible iconographic elements
and by using analogy, the layout of the
plaques was completely reconstructed, and they
were defined using typologies proposed by I.
Iskra-Janošić, D. Tudor, E. Ochsenschlager, and
R. Ertl. The fragments are interpreted and contextualised
in space and time. New iconographic
elements are identified (the eagle symbol in the
highest register), suggesting new interpretations
of the cult.


fragments of lead votive plaques, the cult of the Danube horsemen – problem of terminology, reconstruction, typology, interpretation, new suggestion of interpretation

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