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Original scientific paper

Modeling a business intelligence system for school management on local government level

Miroslav Huđek ; Varazdin County, Varazdin, Croatia
Zoran Savić ; University UNION Nikola Tesla Belgrade, Faculty of Management, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
Dragan Radović ; University UNION Nikola Tesla Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

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This paper presents one approach to logical modelling of business intelligence system which should help school management at local level. The use of automated tools for decision makers becomes essential due to the exponential increase of data from several and dispersed sources. As the basis for the creation of a model, Balanced Scorecard method is used, whose dimensions are slightly modified to be suitable for the needs of school management. Created is a data warehouse with defined fact tables and dimension tables, and proposed is a technical solution, adequate to the needs and size of local government. For the application of the model, any founder (local or regional administration) should enter master data, realized values and the scope of activities for its school system, and as a result, through the OLAP cubes, it is possible to analyse main indicators in financing, efficiency and excellence.


balanced scorecard, business intelligence, data warehouse, local government, OLAP cubes, school management

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