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Original scientific paper

Relationship between Financial Satisfaction and Financial Literacy: Exploring Gender Differences

Ivona Škreblin Kirbiš orcid id ; Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Zagreb
Maja Vehovec ; The Institute of Economics, Zagreb
Zvonimir Galić orcid id ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb

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The goals of this study were to explore gender differences in the
components of financial literacy (financial knowledge, financial
attitude and financial behavior) and financial satisfaction, and to
explore gender differences in the relationship between financial
satisfaction and the financial literacy components. Analyses
conducted on a data collected on a large and heterogeneous
sample of Croatian citizens (N = 900) showed that men scored
higher on some financial literacy variables and were more
financially satisfied. Moreover, in the male subsample there were
significantly stronger correlations between financial satisfaction
and some financial literacy variables (rational financial attitude,
self-assessment of financial management and monitoring
expenses) when compared to the female subsample. In addition
to demographic variables, significant predictors of financial
satisfaction in both gender groups were primarily financial
behaviors. Financial attitude component explained additional
financial satisfaction variance for men but not for women.
Financial knowledge as the third component was not a
significant predictor of financial satisfaction for either gender.


financial literacy, financial satisfaction, gender differences

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