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Professional paper

The challenges of the implementation of the policy of multilingualism in Croatia

Ana Bratulić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci
Siniša Smiljanić ; Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci
Branka Drljača Margić ; Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci
Tihana Kraš

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This paper aims to identify the challenges of the implementation of the policy of multilingualism in the Croatian educational system and ways in which they can be addressed. With this purpose, a focus group discussion (n = 17) and individual semi-structured interviews (n = 10) with representatives of educational and childcare institutions were conducted. The participants identified challenges and problems related to the status and inclusion of local idioms in the Croatian language curriculum/classes, the approach to students who are not proficient in the Croatian language, the status of other foreign languages with respect to English, and education of the members of national minorities in their native languages. In order to properly address the identified challenges, the participants proposed a number of measures, the adoption of which should involve all participants in the educational system.


language policy; multilingualism; education and childcare; Croatia

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