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Original scientific paper

Sung Lessons in the Liturgical Practices of the Parish Church of St. Martin the Bishop in Vranjic

Mirko Jankov

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By presenting and analysing transcripts of eleven local traditional chants, the author is dealing with the tradition of (soloist) sung lessons (so-called »štenja«) of texts from the Old and New Testaments, as well as of other liturgical and paraliturgical texts, belonging to the folk tradition originating from the field of Glagolitic singing, that has been proven to have existed in the liturgy of the parish church of St. Martin the Bishop in Vranjic for several centuries now. Same in the past as now, performing certain, normally melodic patterns of certain
types, systematically incorporated in the church ritual activities throughout the liturgical year, has been entrusted to certain, the most gifted lay singers, who performed them over longer periods of time during their lifetimes. The presented analyses, besides dealing
with melodic sequences and modal determinants, as well as rhythmic, performance and other properties, also occasionally present additional descriptions of practical circumstances in which certain chants are (were) performed. Aimed to add to and compare the music
sheets, the author is in this paper, besides his own audio recordings, using also recordings and transcription made by two other, older, researchers and recorders of the traditional church singing in Vranjic.


Vranjic; Glagolitic chant; traditional church singing; Mass; Divine Office; sung lessons

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