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Museum – Drava bridge near Botovo: considering new possibilities of revitalization and alteration of Drava bridge near Botovo into a musem as an example of modern approach to preserve Industrial heritage

Mirela Horvat ; Secondary School in Maruševec, Croatia

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This study is dealing with problematics regarding Drava bridge near Botovo and its considerations through different social and cultural function, precisely through possibilities of repurposing it into a museum in which way the multifunctional aim would be satisfied: by saving the bridge from deliberate demolition and irreversible destruction of particular part of industrial heritage, creating a globaly unique bridge-museum of river Drava and everything regarding it,nearby revitalization and wider area through expansion of active tourism which would incorporate historical, geographical, ecological and biological components as well as arts and sports. By implementing this idea it is also insisting on giving an example of awareness, developed sensibility and consciousness for this particular sort of cultural heritage that is not valued or used enough throughout Croatia. Through short historical view of bridge construction this work is trying to emphasize the civilizations importance of this arhitectural objects in general,while the culture-historical value and importance of the bridge near Botovo highlights through retrospect of historical occasions which influenced on its build, functionality and its significance in regional,national and international settings. This work brings historically artistic valorization thoroughly reflecting on reviving the bridge in order to retrieve its status,but this time in a different role – as a modern bridge – Drava river museum.


bridge, Drava, Botovo, museum, bridge-museum

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