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Review article

Touristic and geographic approach to the valorisation of cultural heritage

Robert Slunjski orcid id ; Josip Slavenski Gymnasium, Čakovec, Croatia

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The paper deals with the topic of valorising cultural heritage in tourism and it is based on foreign and domestic research in the last thirty years and contains an overview of different scientific approaches in terms of analysing the previously mentioned problem. In the introduction of the paper cultural heritage and cultural tourism will be defined and the connection between the two will be explained. After that, the interpretation of cultural heritage as an important feature of its touristic valorisation will be presented. In the end approaches to valorisation of cultural heritage in tourism will be analysed and criteria for its scientific, cultural, educational and touristic valorisation will be proposed. Cultural heritage bears the identity of a particular community and it is an important element in the presentation of a space. It has social, political, scientific, educational and economic significance. Research of cultural heritage in the context of cultural tourism are new concepts in Croatia because it began only twenty years ago. As one of the most important resources of cultural tourism, which has become a global phenomenon in recent decades, if valorised adequately, heritage can become a crucial factor in terms of preservation and economical sustainability and one of the generators of development of a certain area.


cultural heritage, valorisation, tourism, cultural tourism

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