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Original scientific paper

Phonological and morphological characteristics of historical documents of Turopolje in the 17th century

Boris Kuzmić orcid id ; University of Zagreb
Danijela Šivak ; University of Zagreb

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In this paper the authors discuss some interesting facts about the language of the historical documents of Turopolje in Croatia from 17th century. The language analysis is taken on twenty eight texts. A special attention has been given to the question of the language differences between 16th century texts and 17th century as well on its phonological and morphological elements. The linguistic description of these documents contains a break-down of the texts into its phonological and morphological elements which show the belonging to the Hybrid (more) and the Kajkavian Croatian literary language (less).


Turopolje, historical documents, phonology, morphology, 17th century, Kajkavian Croatian literary language

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