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Professional paper

Prostate carcinoma patients treated in the county hospital Čakovec in the past two years

Antonio Plešnar
Mirko Perković
Ana Jurin

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Prostate carcinoma is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in men of middle and older age. It is second diagnosed malignant tumour among men in the USA and in Europe. Hereby, we would like to present the number of treated patients, as well as therapeutic procedures, at our hospital between January 2002 and January 2004. We used the retrospective analysis of patients' histories, discharge letters and operation protocols. During that period 70 transrectal biopsies (with 12 cylinders) were made, finding prostate carcinomas in 39 patients. Three patients with negative biopsies were diagnosed by chance during TURP. The average age of treated patients was 72 years (51-90), with Gleason score 6, 12 and PSA average 32, 4 (5, 2-159). Ten radical prostatectomies, 23 subcapsular orchidectomies and 6 chemical castrations by LH-RH agonists were made. Further palliative irradiation was performed in 7 patients with bone metastases and radical irradiation in 16 patients who were unable to undergo the surgery. Only early detection of disease can lead to successful treatment, therefore we should search for prostate tumour in all male patients older than 50 years who come to see urologist.


County hospital Čakovec, Prostate carcinoma - treatment

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