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Activities of Croatian cultural society "Napredak" in the territory of Dalmatia (1925–1949)

Zdravko Matić orcid id ; Croatian Defence Academy „Dr. Franjo Tuđman“, Zagreb, Croatia
Frano Stojić ; Croatian Defence Academy „Dr. Franjo Tuđman“, Zagreb, Croatia

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Croatian cultural society "Napredak" (Progress) from Sarajevo, which was established at the beginning of the 20th century in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aimed at providing material and moral support to schoolboys and students, supporting Croatian cultural societies and educational institutions, expanding the schooling of the people, building and supporting students' boarding houses in places where there are secondary schools, as well as Croatian people’s dormitories in certain places. Further activities included: building-up youth shelters and setting up kindergartens led by "Napredak", opening courses for illiterates, setting up libraries, publishing books and newspapers, organising popular lectures, etc. During two decades of its operation in northern Croatia and Dalmatia, Croatian cultural society "Napredak" established a number of committees and subsidiaries. "Napredak" managed to establish a network among northern, central and southern Dalmatia by its branch offices, and it paid special attention to citizens of all social groups by a series of its cultural activities. "Napredak" has educated numerous generations of schoolboys and students, as well as provided financial support to many poor families. It has built a series of kindergartens and dormitories, and – in the most difficult times, especially during World Wars One and Two – remained devoted to the idea of Croatia's improvement and prosperity.


“Napredak”, Dalmatia, branch offices, committee, Sarajevo, donations, grants, students, schoolboys

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