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Original scientific paper

Analysis of Competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia in the European and Global Logistics Space

Zdravko Zekić orcid id ; Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka
Luka Samaržija orcid id ; Faculty of Economics, University of Rijeka
Justin Pupavac ; Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Opatija

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The logistics of space-time transformations of goods, energy, information and knowledge through adequate value-added transformation (production) processes is emerging as a key component of competitive success in modern economies. The management of logistics activities concerned with the coordination of information, material and financial flows is recognized as a main determinant of the competitive ability of an enterprise or business system in today’s networked global economy. The paper analyzes the competitiveness of the Republic of Croatia within the European and global logistics space. The analysis is based on the 2016 World Bank report “Trade Logistics in the Global Economy: The Logistics Performance Index and Its Indicators”. The findings clearly point to the logistics inefficiency and non-competitiveness of Croatia, resulting from insufficient knowledge of the contemporary logistics concept of business management in integration processes. The results also point to the necessity of improving the logistics performance of the Republic of Croatia as a condition to increase its competitiveness within the European and global logistics space and as such are intended for logistics and overall economic development decision makers, as well as for logistics experts at the micro- and macro-level of logistics management.


competitiveness; logistics system; logistics performance index; global competitiveness index; Croatia

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