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Preliminary communication

The Role of logistics in the exploitation of crude oil from the seabed

Jelena Žanić Mikuličić orcid id ; 1 The University of Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Split, Croatia
Čedomir Dundović ; University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia

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The process of oil and natural gas extraction is one of the most technically complex processes in the modern industry. Offshore platforms, special drill ships and mobile oil plants are the only ways of extracting oil from the seabed.
The paper will highlight the role of oil in the maritime economy and the importance of the logistic chain on the example of Norway. It will provide a theoretical overview of the role of oil exploration through the logistic system, oil stock analysis, export and import analysis of oil quantities through world regions by the model and calculation of direct growth rates of selected variables. In this paper, methods of analysis and synthesis, inductive and deductive methods, comparative methods and growth matrix methods have been used.


Logistics, Oil drill, Offshore platforms, Logistic system, The model of direct growth rates

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