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Professional paper

Branko Souček (1930–2014)

Leo Budin orcid id ; The Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the Department of Technical Sciences; Zagreb, Croatia

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In this paper, the author presents the scientific activity of Academy Member Branko Souček, who was born in Bjelovar. His activity at the Ruđer Bošković Institute; at the Brookhave National Laboratory, State University of New York; and at the University of Arizona, Tuscon is pointed out. Achievements that have left a lasting scientific trace in both Croatia and the world are stressed. Presented are all aspects of Branko Souček’s active work within the scientific field of computer science, encompassing the construction of devices bearing features
of digital computers; laboratory establishment; authorship of books on microprocessors and computers.


Ruđer Bošković Institute; scientific activity; computer science; microprocessors

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