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Review article

Clinical and Tribological View on Tooth Wear

Tomislav Badel
Jadranka Keros
Sanja Šegović
Dragutin Komar

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This paper is an overview on different interpretation of tooth wear, clinical appearance and etiopathogenic models. A process of tooth wear on the ultrastructural level of dental surfaces may be explained by tribological mechanisms, clinically classified as: attrition, abrasion, erosion and abfraction. There are some difficulties in clinical differentiation of certain processes of hard dental tissue wear due to multifactorial etiology and synergistic effects of different mechanisms of tooth wear together with synchronized action over a longer period of time. In order to predict further actions with regard to both existing and planned procedures used during the period of oral rehabilitation, it is important to detect the mechanism which caused the loss of dental tissue, which should ensure clinical success.


Tooth Wear, Tooth, Attrition, Tooth, Erosion, Tooth, Abrasion

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