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Central Hemangioma of the Mandible: Case Report

Goran Knežević
Dinko Knežević
Spomenka Manojlović

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The authors present a case of central hemangioma of the mandible which was diagnosed radiographically and histopathologically. The surgical procedure was complicated by subsequent bleeding which was stopped by an additional surgical procedure. As central hemangioma of the jaws is a relatively rare findings, which can be
observed from the relevant literature, and possible complications can be extremely dramatic, the aim of the presentation is to emphasise the clinical, radiographic and histopathological characteristics of this formation. Comparison with another case, which radiographically resembled a polycystic tumour of the jaw and which bled profusely during the operation, causing the postponement of the operation and indicating the need for additional angiographic and radiotherapy, demonstrated that there are no characteristic clinical and radiographic appearances which can indicate the possibility of such changes. The diversity of the radiographic appearances presented
in the world literature shows that apart from other pathological changes any transparency in the jaws may also be a central hemangioma. The presented cases confirm this judgement.


Hemangioma, Vascular Diseases, Mandible

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