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Review article

What are literary historians supposed to do or fighting time with awareness

Andrea Zlatar Violić ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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This paper analyzes the relationship between traditional literary history and recent theories of cultural memory. Since the paper is dedicated to Dunja Fališevac, a renowned literary historian who studied old Croatian literature, it draws on her analyses of medieval and renaissance literature and particularly on her studies of epics. The analysis shows that in her work Dunja Fališevac frequently stepped out of the role of literary historian and into the role of cultural analyst, since the cultural context, which arises from the relationship between literary texts and nonliterary reality, allows for coherent inferences. This is particularly evident in the complex historical context of Croatian epics in which we simultaneously find a phenomenon within literary memory and the relation towards the cultural context.


literary history, cultural memory, individual and collective memory

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