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Original scientific paper

Huius... est omnis reipublicae potestas: Dubrovnik’s Patrician Houses and Their Participation in Power (1440-1640)

Zdenko Zlatar

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This study is an analysis of the share that each patrician house had in the exercise of the most important functions in government (the Rector, the member of the Minor Council, the Senator, the Guardian of Justice), and the ratio of these houses in the Major Council. Some houses secured more offices than they were entitled to according to their numerical strength in the Major Council (Gradi/Gradić, Gondola/Gundulić, Georgi/Đurđević, Cerva/ Crijević, Menze/Menčetić, Zamagno/Džamanjić, Resti/Rastić, Bona/Bunić), while others did not get their fair share (Caboga/Kaboga, Sorgo/Sorkočević, Pozza/Pucić, Ragnina/Ranjina, Bobali/Bobaljević, Gozze/Gučetić). Despite these differences, one cannot talk of an oligarchy within Dubrovnik’s ruling class.


Dubrovnik, state institutions, patriciate, elite

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