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Original scientific paper

The Factions within the Ragusan Patriciate (17th-18th Century)

Stjepan Ćosić
Nenad Vekarić

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Banished after an alleged love scandal in 1609, Jakov Giorgi and Jakov Resti conspired with Charles Emmanuel I, duke of Savoy, against the Ottomans. Shortly after their arrest in Dubrovnik in September 1612, they were put under trial. Widely supported by the kin, the conspirators won a political victory over the pragmatic faction of the “Republican loyalists”. A strong agnatic and political network grouped around the core of the conspirators, and formed a faction called salamankezi (the Salamancanists). This group became fully articulated in the 17th century, after the aggregation of the new nobility, and it was to play a dominant role on the Ragusan political scene over the next century-and-a-half. The inferior position was reserved for the so-called sorbonezi (the Sorbonnists), who eventually coalesced with the disdained new nobility. Animosity between the two closed groups continued well into the 18th century and their unscrupulous struggle for political power reshaped the traditional pattern of Ragusan political behaviour.


Dubrovnik, patriciate, factions, oligarchy, conspiracy, endogamy

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