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Original scientific paper

Instructional design in game based learning and applications used in educational systems

Damir Vusić orcid id ; University North, Varaždin, Croatia
Andrija Bernik orcid id ; University North, Varaždin, Croatia
Robert Geček ; University North, Varaždin, Croatia

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The paper examines literature on the subject of instructional design and game based learning with the aim of identifying its positive effects and impact on users. Special attention was given to learning, encouragement and development of skills acquired through the use of game based learning. Game based learning is considered to be a complex system that requires instructional support geared towards stimulating cognitive processes. Several empirical research papers which provide insight into this field of interest have been chosen. The second set of papers provides confirmation accompanied with an analysis of instructional support as a function of the learning support. Also included were recent works which indicated the need for further research and the heterogeneity of the existing research. Other works complemented the unit and are mutually interconnected by a methodological approach providing insight into the issues that should be investigated in the future.


cognitive skills; game based learning; higher education; instructional support

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