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Conference paper

Water on Oxide Surfaces

A. C. Zettlemoyer ; Center for Surface and Coatings Research, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
E. McCafferty ; Metallurgy Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D. C., U.S.A.

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page 173-187

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Most oxidE.. surfaces interact with ambient water vapor to form
a layer of chemisorbed hydroxyls. Physical adsorption of multilayer
water readily starts by hydrogen bonding onto the hydroxyl array.
The normally hydrophilic surface 0£ silica can be modified by
heating to produce a predominantly hydrophobic matrix which
contains but a few isolated hydrophilic sites, around which water
adsorbs in clusters. The authors' results on both hydrophilic and
hydrophobed oxides are discussed and compared to results in the


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