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Conference paper

Relation entre reactivite electrochimique et catalytique d'oxydes metalliques : en particulier pour les bioxydes de manganese

J. Brenet ; Laboratoire d'Electrochimie et de Chimie Physique du Corps Solide, Universite Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

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It is well known that the manganese dioxides, which exhibit
high electrochemical activity, also have catalytic properties. Attempts
are made in the paper to pinpoint those physico-chemieal
properties of the oxides which determine both electrochemical
reactivity and ordinary chemical catalytic activity.
It is particularly important to look for possible relations
between the electrochemical potential of the electrons in the solid
and Fermi level (bulk and surface) on one hand, and the exchange
current and work function on the other. It is also necessary to
take into account the importance of impurities and lattice defects.
In particular, acid OH groups should be considered, although they
are not the only important type of impurity.
If one wishes to interpret both the electrochemical and the
catalytic properties, we believe that it is necessary to relate the
electron exchange processes at the electrodes to certain electronic
aspects of catalysis.


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