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Original scientific paper

Structural Factors Involved in Ionic Adsorption

D. J. Barclay ; Department of Chemistry, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, W. 2., Scotland
J. Čaja ; Electrochemistry Laboratory, »Ruder Boskovic« Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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This paper deals with the adsorption of simple inorganic
anions on metallic electrodes. Thesis was made that adsorption
may be regarded as a co-ordination reaction similar to complex
formation in solution.
Pearson's Principle of Soft and Hard Acids and Bases
(SHAE) was applied. It suggests that adsorption i1s a typical soft
co-ordination reaction (i. e. metal surfaces are soft acceptors) in
which an electron pair on the anion is shared with a vacant orbital
on a surface metal atom. Thus soft anions and electrodes with
high cpJ\I or E. A. adsorb strongest.
Variations in adsorption order of anions and electrodes can
be understood in terms of the symmetry of surface and anion
orbitals and by the change in the balance between solvation and
bonding energies which can occur on electrodes of different bonding


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