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Original scientific paper

Electrokinetic Data: Approaches, Interpretations and Applications

Jasenka Bišćan ; Faculty of Textile Technology, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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The article presents a review of the solid/liquid interface research with emphasis on the complementary role of electrokinetic data in the overall concept of the electrical interfacial layer (EIL), potential energy of interaction and, consequently, colloidal stability of suspensions. The significance of electrokinetic (zeta) potential is particularly discussed. It is suggested that the absolute zeta potential values are hardly comparable from case to case. However, the isoelectric point (IEP) can be ascribed to a certain substance under defined conditions as a kind of material property. Selected theoretical tenets are involved in interpreting the solid/liquid interactions, including the surface complexation model, structure of the electrical interfacial layer and energy of surface interactions. Some cases are analyzed in more detail, such as simple oxides, mixed oxides, heterogeneous surfaces with two types of surface functional groups. Finally, several applications of electrokinetic data in ceramic processing, textile processing, and in natural water suspensions are described.


electrokinetic data; solid/liquid interface; electrical interfacial layer; colloidal stability; isoelectric point

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