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Review article

Balthasar Hubmaier and His Eighteen Articles

Danijel Časni orcid id ; Biblijski institut, Zagreb

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The paper talks about the renowned Anabaptist reformer, Balthasar Hubmaier, whose works were a significant contribution to the development of the early Anabaptist movement. In 2018 we mark the 490th anniversary of his death of being burned at the stake for his religious beliefs. In the paper, we see an outline of Hubmaier’s biography and an overview of his creative work. Special attention is given to his first work from June 1524, which contains 18 articles, and is called, “Achtzehn schluß rede so betreffende ein gantz Cristlich leben.” The articles show Hubmaier’s view on theology, ecclesiology, and pastorology at the beginning of his reformation work.


Balthasar Hubmaier; Anabaptists; articles; Ulrich Zwingli; Reformation

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