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Original scientific paper

The relationship between students’ pronunciation self-perception and their immediate and recalled anxiety levels in a French as a Foreign Language classroom

Krzysztof Kotuła

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This paper presents a study focusing on Polish learners of French and their pronunciation
anxiety. Our aim was to deepen understanding of self-reported language anxiety
by conducting a simultaneous examination of learners’ situation-specific anxiety
(manifesting itself during each performance), immediate anxiety (experienced momentarily
during the completion of a reading aloud task) and recalled anxiety (obtained
from a delayed post-test administered one week after the treatment). Another goal
we sought to accomplish was the examination of learners’ self-reported and actual
pronunciation proficiency. We decided to combine two approaches to self-assessment.
Instead of focusing solely on learners’ global perception of their pronunciation
proficiency, we also took into account their contextualized self-assessment, with the
subjects being asked to rate two specific performances. The conclusion we reached
is that even if various anxiety types and subjects’ self-assessed proficiency levels are
interconnected, the nature of this link is still elusive.


foreign language learning, pronunciation anxiety, pronunciation selfperception

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