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Original scientific paper

Simulation-based fluid-thermal analysis of power transformers

Sruti Chakraborty
Manish Vashishtha
Sushil Chaudhari

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page 80-86

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The transformer life and performance strongly depend on winding hot-spot temperature (HST). Various alternative techniques for HST prediction are gaining popularity over the conventional direct-measurement methods. In this context, the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based thermal models is particularly interesting because of their accurate assessment, higher precision and low cost. Besides, it can remarkably evaluate and improve the design efficiency of transformer without overshooting the capital cost. In the present work, a comprehensive understanding of CFD-based fluid-thermal assessment is attempted to encourage the readers to review transformer thermal models. It is also expected that these attempts will progressively assist in correlating various economical and operational parameters of transformer manufacturing and asset management.


oil-filled transformers, cooling, hot-spot, thermal assessment, Computational Fluid Dynamics

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