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Preliminary communication

Citizens’ Participation in Local Self-Government in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Drago Martinović orcid id ; County Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Citizens’ participation in decision-making process is a civil right that citizens consume at all government levels, either directly or indirectly. Citizens’ participation is regulated by the Constitutions (at the state, entity, and cantonal levels), as well as by the laws on local self-government and by the statute, which is the basic normative legal act of local self-government units. Although legal regulation of citizens’ participation has been harmonised with the European Charter of Local Self-Government, an analysis of legislation concerning citizens’ participation has shown numerous differences, deficiencies, and unfinished solutions in the regulations at the municipal and sub-municipal levels, as well as at the entity and cantonal levels of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily due to the complex organisation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. What is necessary is to adopt the Law of Referendum at the entity (and state) level, and to amend and harmonise other regulations related to citizens’ participation – entity and cantonal Constitutions, the Law on Local Self-Government at the entity and cantonal levels, and municipal and sub-municipal statutes. It is also necessary to adopt the Regulation of the Rules of Citizens’ participation at the Local Level. Local self-government units must develop and adopt their partnership strategies for cooperation with local citizens.


municipality, law, decision-making, citizens’ participation, local self-government, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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